Nora Marquis Baker collection - Finding Aid

Nora Marquis Baker collection - Finding Aid
    Item Description
    Existence and Location of Originals
    Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, University of Maine at Fort Kent, Fort Kent, Maine

    For the most part, this collection is made up of personal letters, photographs, cards, notebooks, and scrapbooks. There are maps of and documents about New Canada. Other non-personal documents: Will of Georgiana Bourgoin, Naturalization papers of Alfred Bourgoin, and a description of the plot of land in New Canada that Nora and Joe Baker bought from Joseph Daigle in 1949.

    Creator (cre): Baker, Nora Marquis
    1920 to 1970
    Source Language
    5 boxes (0.75 cubic feet)
    Collection Inventory

    Oversize Manuscripts:
    Shelf list number: BM-232
    1. One 11 in. x 16 in. scrapbook. Cover has drawing of pot of glue, scissors, brush and has title: “The Whopper Scrap Book”. Year: 1933. It contains newspaper clippings of local and national events, and one letter from A. J. Mercier. This scrapbook has been enclosed in a polypropylene envelope.
    2. There is another large 11 in. x 16 in. scrapbook, in bad condition, with a yellow ship on its cover. Date range: 1929-1945. It contains newspaper clippings about local and national events, a large photograph of Theresa Bradbury, and some verse. Inside the scrapbook are several loose invitations, birth announcements, and other assorted cards.
    The album also contains newspaper clippings of Al Mercier, a boxer, and a letter from this gentleman to Nora, and personal correspondence from Henry C. Granger.
    3. One 11.5 in. x 15 in. brown, hardcover photo album, says “Photo Album” on the cover. The book’s covers are bowed from being over-stuffed. Interior pages are black. The album contains both loose enclosures and mementos that have been glued to the pages. On the pages are several cards wishing Nora and Joe the best on their wedding day, other greeting cards, and invitations: 18 pages.
    Shelf list number: UM-232 Box 1 & 2 (Manuscripts):
    Folder 1:
    1. Deed information of lot purchased from Joseph F. Daigle by Joseph N.
    and Nora M. Baker.
    2. Map of New Canada showing starch factory, lumber mill, 3 school
    locations, first home of Vital Daigle; Isaie Daigle post office/store;
    Hannah Daigle post office/store.
    3. 1 typewritten page (#3) about D’Aigle
    4. 4 sheets of photographs, photocopied, on 8.5 in x 11 in. paper
    5. 3 sheets of information from Maine Register 1899-1900; 1930 to 1977
    about New Canada Plantation
    6. Last Will and Testament of Georgianna Bourgoin dated 6 August,
    1942 with envelope
    7. Certificate of naturalization of Alfred Arthur Bourgoin dated 8
    October 1914
    Folder 2:
    Letters in French from Rev. E. Robitaille, Alice (Nora’s mother), Sr. Rachel, Arthur Violette, Sr., Marie-Rose Richard, Pea D.; and in English from Joel, letters and poems from Grover Cleveland Bradbury (1950- 1965), Margaret Sweeney Bradbury, Wilfrid, Lou, Beulah (Sister Euphrasia): Date range: 1927-1968.Cards from Paula (Jean-Louis’ wife), godsonS Bobby, Betty and Brad, Beulah, The Bradbury’s, U.S. Veterans Bureau, and Mrs. Gertrude Cyr. Date range: 1925-1951. 1 letter from Pauline with drawings of flowers and color swatches. 65 items or sheets
    Folder 3:
    Letters from Jean-Louis Marquis, Nora’s Brother; 13. Date range: 1942- 1943
    Folder 4:
    53 letters from Joseph N. Baker to Nora Marquis; 1 letter from Nora to Joe. Date range: 1938-1939
    Folder 5:
    Notebook “Instruction religieuse” handwritten in French by Marthe Marquis: no date
    Folder 6:
    Account book 8.5 in. x 14 in., thin, blue-green, soft cover book of Marthe Marquis store, (fictitious store, presumably composed by Marthe for school) Ste-Agathe 1 September 1922 to March 14, 1923: 16 pages of items bought and sold and prices of each.
    Folder 7:
    October 1941: Sympathy cards for death of Maxime Marquis, Nora’s father, telegram from Jean-Louis, and thank you card. 29 items.
    Folder 8:
    Account book (1928) of Nora Marquis, including revenues and expenses, drafts of letters; notebook with inscription: “My name is Nora Marquis. In case of an accident please call for Edwin Marquis Fort Kent Maine.”
    Folder 9:
    One 5-year diary 1972-1976 written in French and English Nora M. Baker; 1 5-year diary 1932-1933 mostly written in French, with inscription “Nora M. Marquis given by Flora Thomas R.N.”; 1 year diary 1947. Inscription inside reads: “Mrs. ? Pelletier, Needham, Mass.; 1 1950 diary, compliments of U. J. Hedrich Co. in Presque Isle, Me. Inscription inside is “Joe N. Maker and Nora M. Baker” Fort Kent, Me.
    Folder 10:
    Notebook 8.5 in x 10.5 in containing instructions about various beauty treatments; 2 songs written in French; 1 page of accounts dated Jan. 1928; a letter addressed to Miss Marquis; newspaper clippings of poems in French by Charles Lemercier, Guy de Maupassant, Albert Ferland, J. Hervé Roy, Victor Hugo and one anonymous.
    Folder 11:
    Memo book 6 in x 3.5 in, 1940, red cover, contains notes about various household items bought and prices; various receipts; 1 Asst. Scoutmaster card (Joseph N. Baker); 1 calling card Nora M. Marquis. Journal 7.5 in. x 12 in. with inscription on page 11 “Joe Baker and Nora Marquis build their house when they are engaged in Bradley”. It contains expenses and money borrowed to buy lot and build home.
    Folder 12:
    Soft cover notebook Marthe Marquis. “English”: essays and creative writing pieces. Not dated.
    Folder 13:
    University looseleaf. Marthe Marquis Fort Kent Mills, Me. 1924 and 1925. Notes about Dewey system of cataloguing books; reading; library lessons for grade school children; notes about authors and American history.
    Folder 14:
    Photo album belonging to Nora Marquis, 1934, containing mini-postcards of Washington, D.C. and Chicago’s World Fair. Scrapbook 10 in. x 11 in. with illustration of 18th Century scene on cover. Nora Marquis “1934 – A
    Century of Progress” – Souvenirs of trips taken to World Fair, Québec, Montréal, Ontario, Atlantic City; accident policy of Nora Marquis, postcard to G. C. Bradbury from Beulah.
    Folder 15 & 16:
    Sympathy cards when Joseph Baker died February 1957.
    Folder 17:
    1 red leather bound funeral home guest book “In Memory of “Mr. Joseph Baker.
    Folder 18: (In October 2009, folder 18 was created with the following documents found in a box in the Archives)
    7 wedding invitation cards; 1 birth announcement; 2 graduation invitations; 2 thank you notes; 1 receipt for perpetual care of lot; 1 note signed by Mark.
    Photographs: (Note: Some photographs have not been identified)
    Shelf list number:
    UP-232: Box 1 of 3: Photos 1 to 200
    007 Lady youngest daughter of Marthe and Joe (Hitler) Daigle, sister of Danny – wedding picture
    008 dam of Long Lake on the Allagash
    009 Nora Marquis Baker and “Papoune?”
    010 Edwin Marquis’s family: from left: Herman, Jean
    011 Maxime and Alice?
    017 Nora Marquis Baker
    018 Nola Marquis and Norm Marquis (frerots) Paul shot the bear (’47)
    019 family of Marthe?
    023 baseball player
    022 Edwin’s family – Marc 033 Maxime?
    039 Nora and Joe Baker
    040 Bradbury house?
    Joseph Marquis Ste-Agathe, Me (brother of Maxime?)
    Jean-Louis Marquis
    Paul, Maxime Marquis,
    Paul with bear back was house where immigrant workers would stay for 5, 6 weeks, cook food
    1938 picture – Daigle (Nora’s) store
    Maxime and
    068 Paul and Pat Pelletier (next door neighbor) 070 AliceRioux Marquis
    Paul with horses
    Herman, older son of Edwin? In military 080 Danny Daigle, Nora and Joe’s adopted son ?
    Rachel Daigle and Martin Daigle: Joe Baker and Danny in front of store
    Jean-Louis and Annette Marquis
    083 Joe and Nora Baker, Danny and unknown man
    084 Joe and Nora Baker
    Daigle School House: Joe Baker with sports
    Nora Baker sitting at kitchen table son of Marthe, Maurice
    Daigle school
    100 Nora and store long roof and porch
    103 Jean-Louis in front of house/store school house in back
    104 1971 store in Daigle still in operation (closed around 1971)
    106 Paul, Nora,
    107 Linda Marquis and two girls
    UP-232: Box 1 of 3: Photos 1 to 200 (continued) 112 Papoune Chihuahua
    118 Monette, Danny, Nora in center
    124 Nora in front of thoroughfare between Cross Lake and Sinclair?
    125 Joe, Nora and Danny
    138 Danny Daigle, mother was Marthe Marquis Daigle, Nora’s sister.
    Nora and Joe brought him up. 140 Christmas 1943
    142 Inside Joe Baker’s home/store
    145 Sandy Savoie; Nora Marquis; .... Molette, Old Town, Maine 1925. 145a “A la douce mémoire de Magloire Belanger”
    146 Pete Willette and Joe?
    147 Last day at school “mom”; Estelle at 9 years old.
    149 Looks like Pete Willette with Joe Baker?
    150 Alice pour Joe! 7 mai 1939
    151 Sandy Savoie
    153 “Best of luck to aunt Nora, uncle Joe and Danny........Claudette”
    154 John B. Baker?
    160 Margaret Ann Hooper was nicely born August 20 in ’56.....
    161 1929
    165 Old Town to Bradly Express, Sept. 16, 1925. 168 Jan. 1, 1924
    170 “le 3 juillette 1931”
    171 1925
    173 Juin 1927
    178 April 1926
    179 Juin 1927
    186 Dec. 12, 1923; “Are you still friends with cats?”
    192 March 17, 1929
    193 1925
    194 “A Merry Christmas from the little boys Herman 7 years old,
    Louis-Philip 6 yrs, Marc Emile 3 yrs. To aunt Nora”
    197 La cuisine, 1928
    UP-232: Box 2 of 3: Photos 201 to 381
    201 Avril 1926
    205 March 17, 1929
    209 July 5, 1925
    216 “On mangeant du blaidende dans Old Town le 15 Septembre
    225 “My bedroom” in January 1924
    228 Avril 1926
    229 Maud est toujours prît a partir
    230 “Manger du blaidende” 1925
    231 25 January 1922
    234 Presbytère, Old Town, Maine
    237 “La bunch joyeuse” 1927
    240 March 17, 1929
    252 January 1926
    254 Avril 1926
    258 “La plus beau tour de voiture” September 1923 262 February 1929
    266 July 1925
    270 Le 4 Juillet 1925
    274 August 1933
    277 25 January 1922
    281 Alice Marquis 2nd from left?
    285 To cousin Nora
    286 “Le côté garage chasie et parte ensuilé ent la shed ensuilé chasie de
    “Les deux ensemble chambres a grandpère au dessus.”
    291 May 1927
    296 Hellis Madden’s last inspection – now retired in Florida 302 July 5, 1925
    310 New Jersey
    316 Nora dans la chaise du president a Washington, D.C.
    Août 1934 326 6 March 1932
    Taken at Madawaska Station on a bright Sunday afternoon.
    “Mae” my sister with the bows.
    331 “Dad is wearing your shirt over another one; he likes to wear it like
    a jacket or sweater.”
    332 “Dear Nora: This picture in my room at Teresa’s shows Danny, 3
    kids, and you up on the cabinet, with two of Pat on the desk. Also the letter rack Christmas present hard at work. The separate photos of Teresa and I may give you a little kick, too.”
    January 23, 1965
    334 Nora Baker
    335 January 1944
    336 Mrs. Bradbury?
    Visiting Carl in Texas on April 20, 1942
    344 Old Grover
    345 Standing left to right: Carl, Johnny, Clarence, Gary Sitting: Peggy, Marcy, Susan, Pauline
    346 Teresa’s young Margaret
    354 1960
    357 June 1957
    360 “We cut this out of a snapshot and had it enlarged...just the way
    we want to remember her.”
    362 “Dear Nora: I hope June 6, 1966 does not make you sick...Picture is Marcie taking a swing before a swim. Grover”
    363 New shirt and cap for Christmas
    365 Teresa’s backyard
    366 Teresa’s backyard
    367 Teresa’s backyard
    370 Niagara Falls
    371 Beulah, April 1968
    373 Clarence outside fireplace and picnic table
    375 “To Nora from Meg, 1964”
    376 Mark 8 years 1969
    377 Me at Clarence’s Blades Pond
    379 At Bob and Sandy’s in Philadelphia, PA
    In front of their house on September 1976 UP-232: Box 3 of 3: Photos 382 to 523 and negatives
    389 Married September 6, 1969 Louise and Philip Morand
    405 October 1974
    407 October 1974 in Webster
    408 Darlene and Nora
    410 “...Believe it’s in 1969 we visited you – same Irene.”
    411 Carl, Pauline, and Jean
    419 Adam 2 years
    Dan 3 weeks
    425 Kevin in a game
    426 Première visible de Jre à Ste. Marie de Lewiston
    428 Lynne 1972
    429 Louise
    430 Margaret Sweeney Bradbury?
    431 Grover Cleveland Bradbury? Bangor
    432 Nora Baker
    434 Janice at 14 months
    435 The family with Danny taken at Thanksgiving 1963
    James, Marylyn, Margueret, Louise, Connie, and Clair
    437 Claire, 1967
    438 January 1960
    440 Chuck and Nicole Behr
    442 Saucy révant à Melle Boutin
    444 “A very merry Christmas to Nora and Danny from Dave, Kathy,
    Kevin, Meg, mom and dad!”
    447 Baby Anne 9 months
    448 Jim, Claudette, Mark 2 years, Kevin 1 year
    451 Carlee at 6 weeks
    453 Kevin 1970
    454 Mark 3 years old (almost 4), Janice 7 months old, Kevin 2 1⁄2 years
    455 Gena (?) and Jim
    457 Jimmy 1967
    458 Justin, 21 1⁄2 months, 1973
    459 “To Nora from Kevin, 1964”
    460 Janice 2 years
    461 Tammy 3 years old, Sherry 1 year old
    464 Class of 1962
    465 Ann
    466 Class of 1959
    467 Class of 1954
    468 Class of 1949
    469 Megan
    478 “To Danny from Donna”
    479 Lorraine
    483 Kathy sleeping
    489 Louise’s daughter at 7 months
    491 Our home in Florida
    March 12, 1970
    492 “Best wishes” from Jim, Claudette, Mark, Kevin
    493 From: Dick, Gladys, and daughter Dawn Marie
    494 Mark 4 years, Janice 7 months, Kevin 2 1⁄2 years
    495 January 1958
    498 Louise, January 1958
    499 Janice 7 months, Beverly Maznio – Godmother
    504 November 1962
    505 Marilyn 1967
    507 Janice and Godfather
    508 August 4, 1971
    510 Megan, 13 years old
    512 6 years old
    513 Janice, 5 years old, 1969
    516 Kevin, 6th grade, 11 years old, 1964
    518 Kevin, kindergarten, 5 years old, 1967
    519 Mark, 5 years old, 1967
    520 Kevin, 7 years old, 1969
    521 Mark, 1st grade, 6 years old, 1967
    523 Meg, 3rd grade, 8 years old, 1964

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