A. J. Michaud Song Collection, Recordings - Finding Aid

A. J. Michaud Song Collection, Recordings - Finding Aid
    Item Description
    Existence and Location of Originals
    Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, University of Maine at Fort Kent, Fort Kent, Maine

    This collection of audio recordings provides primary data on singers, musicians, and others in the Upper Saint John River Valley during the period 1949 through 1978 (most date from 1970 through 1974). It contains a wealth of local songs and musicians and provides a resource of samples of French as it is spoken in the Saint John Valley. Twenty-four of the cassettes are devoted primarily to singers and to songs, three primarily to instrumental music, and twelve to interviews. There are three cassettes of concerts and six tapes of meetings or lectures. Three tapes appear to be accoustic dubs of other tapes, LP recordings, or broadcasts. A number of the recordings contain interviews (mostly in French) which may contain oral histories or other information. Several of the recordings appear to have been of public events, such as meetings, concerts, and dances.

    Creator (cre): Michaud, Amaranthe J.
    1970 to 1978
    Source Language
    52 audio cassettes; 35 master audio cassettes were copied; 70 archival gold compact discs were made in April 2008.
    Biographical and Administrative History

    The audio recordings appear to have been made between 1970 and 1974. One cassette of a "Veillee du Bons Vieux Temps" in 1978 was obviously added later by an unknown person. There is also one recording which appears to be an acoustic copy of disk recordings made in 1949. A number of recordings contain interviews which may contain oral histories or other information. Several of the recordings appear to have been of public events. Since Mr. Michaud appears to have reculded previously recorded cassettes, some of this material may be extraneous to this collections of some of the label data may refer to materials no longer present on the recordings. This has a wealth of local songs and local musicians and provides a wonderful source of samples of French as it is spoken in the Saint John Valley.


    59 Cassettes: 1A Historical Society Meeting, 1b Blank, 2A/B no cassette, 3A Mrs E. McClinchy, 3B Mrs J. Cyr, 4A Mrs. Arthur Levesque, 4B Emilia, 5A Mrs. Xavier Dufour, 5B Paul Parent, 6A Paul Parent, 6B Lady Unknown, 7A Chrismas Mass, 7B blank, 8A Alphena, 8B Emily McClinchy and Jane Cyr, 9A Alphena Albertine, 9BDonat M, 10A Alphena, 10B Blank, 11A Clovis Girvois, 11B Clovis Grivois, 12a Blank, 12b Clovis Grivois, 13A Songs, 13BJane Cyr, 14AEillee du Bon V Temps, 14B Veillee du Bon VT, 15A Otto Luening, 15B same as one, 16A/B No Cassettee, 17A/B no cassette, 18ALionel and Luening, 18B blank, 19A Noel Parent, 19B Noel Parent, 20A Mrs Cyr and Mrs Dumond, 20B Chanson d'Acadie de Chiasson, 21A Marcoux and Agnes Bellinda, 21B AJ and Mrs McClinchey, 22A Alphena, 22B Car Bog, 32A Edna Gagnon, 23B blank, 24A Ste Anne Centennial, 24b blank, 25A V du Bon V Temps, 25B blank, 26A Everett and Hattie Dionne, 26B Blank, 27A Mrs Basil Martin, 27B Mrs Firmin, 28A Mason Wade, 28B Mason Wade, 29A Rene Clavette, 29B Rene Clavette, 30A Mrs Arth Levesque, 30B blank, 31A Mrs McClinchy, 31B Oneil Lavertu, 32A Mrs McClinchy, 32B blank, 33A Delphi, 33b Argolis, 34A Epiderus, 34B Mycenae, 35A Lucie Cyr Parent, 35B Lucie Cyr Parent, 36A Bernadette Mayhew, 36B Eldon Tapley, 37A Jack's Tape, 37B Blank, 38A Edith Durand, 38B blank, 39A Edith Durand, 39B blank, 40A Jim Connors, 41A Jim Connors, 41A Paul Emilie Soucy, 41B Emilie Soucy, 42AMrs Firmin Chasse, 42B blank, 43A Emma Caron Beaulieu, 43B blank, 44A Mamie Fournier, 44B Mamie Fournier, 45A Mamie tape 2, 45B blank, 46A Mamie Fournier, 46B blank, 47AIda Roy, 47B blank, 48A Jos Collin-Levesque, 48B Jos Collin-Levesque, 49A Mrs McLelland, 49B Blank, 50A Eric Martin, 50B blank, 52A/B no cassette, 53A Thoughts by AJ Michaud, 53B blank, 54A/B no cassette, 55A Oneil, 55B Blank, 56A/B no cassette, 57A/B no cassette, 58A Adult folk group, 58B blank, 59A Mde Camille Moreau\59B Mde C Moreau

    Materials Specific Details
    52 Audio cassettes from between 1970 and 1978. The cassettes were in reasonable condition for their age, although the original audio quality appears to have been poor. A few were broken and had to be mended before playing.
    Conditions Governing Access
    No restrictions on access. Due to their fragility, original cassettes are restricted. Use copies are available for patron use.
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