D. Wilfrid Soucy collection - Finding Aid

D. Wilfrid Soucy collection - Finding Aid
    Item Description
    Existence and Location of Originals
    Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, University of Maine at Fort Kent, Fort Kent, Maine

    These materials consist of newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, and a scrapbook, a trophy, and sound recordings that primarily document Rev. Soucy’s Career as a priest in the Saint John Valley. The Bulk of the manuscript material consists of articles and correspondence relating to Soucy’s work on establishing cooperatives in the Valley. This includes a scrapbook Father Soucy kept of articles about himself and the valley and correspondence sent to him during the height of the cooperatives success, and early 1940s. Although few of the manuscript materials are primary sources, the over five-hundred, mostly well-labeled photographs taken between 1909 and 1980 offer visual insight into Father Soucy’s life. Both personal and professional, the photo collection includes pictures of Soucy’s family and friends as well as his various activities as a priest, especially during his pastorate in Sinclair- Guerette.The seventy-one sound recordings are the other significant component of the collection. Soucy made several recordings about cooperatives for broadcast on his weekly radio show, and he also cut several records on various occasions with his friends and family. These recordings are a valuable source for research about both Father Soucy’s personal and professional life.

    Creator (cre): D. Wilfrid Soucy
    1909 to 1993
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    3 cubic feet (6 boxes, 6 audio cassettes, 2 photograph albums)
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    Materials Specific Details
    This collection is arranged by series and subseries according to provenance, format, content, and chronology. Series 1 is divided into three subseries: biographical, autobiographical, and photographs, according to the provenance and format. The photograph subseries is further divided to maintain the integrity of the albums. The loose photographs are divided by content, but this was impossible to do for the albums without disrupting their original order. Within each folder/binder in this series, the materials are ordered by date, with undated materials at the end. Series II is broken into four subseries, according to provenance and content. All of Father Soucy’s Original recordings were separated from those he recorded from commercial radio. The subseries’ also reflect Father Soucy’s reasons for making the carious records he cut, i.e., family gatherings, WAGM radio show. In the inventory, each subseries is ordered chronologically, but, as seen in the box/folder list, the recordings are ordered according to the number assigned to them by the sound engineer. Deteriorating manuscript materials were photocopied onto acid-free paper, all staples were removed, and fragile materials were foldered separately. The scrapbook was interleaved with acid-free paper, wrapped in buffered tissue, and housed in an acid-free box. It is very acidic and has become embrittled. Therefore, it should be handled as little as possible. For this reason a photocopy version was made that allows researchers access to the information without handling the original book. The preservation photocopy is housed with the collections manuscript materials. Photographs were removed from the adhesive-based albums Father Soucy kept them in, given unique numbers, and housed in polypropylene sleeves in three-ring photo binders in their original order. The trophy was wrapped in unbuffered tissue and placed in an acid-free box. Paul McDonald, a sound recording engineer, transferred the seventy-one sound recordings from their original records onto 1⁄4” analog audio tape for long-term preservation, and onto audio cassette tape and compact disc to facilitate access. Thus, the finding aid lists reels, boxes of records and compact discs, and cassette tapes, as well as records.
    Collection Inventory

    BOX/FOLDER LIST Series I. Biographical Material Subseries A. Autobiographical Box 1 Folder 1 Correspondence with inclusions (song, Memoirs), 1992-93, n.d. Box 1 Folder 2 List of records, n.d. Subseries B. Biographical Box 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Folder 3 Folder 4 Folder 5 Folder 6 Folder 7 Folder 8 Folder 9 Handmade farewell card, 1936 Articles about Father Soucy, 1940-92 Golden Jubilee mass program, 1980 Preservation photocopy of Father Soucy’s scrapbook, pp. 1-99, 1938-83, n.d. See also: Appendix A – Scrapbook inventory Preservation photocopy of Father Soucy’s scrapbook, pp. 100-202 1938-82, n.d See also: Appendix A – Scrapbook inventory Photocopy of Golden Jubilee album, 1910-1980, n.d. Manuscript materials from Golden Jubilee Scrapbook, 1955-80, n.d. Father Soucy’s scrapbook, 1938-82, n.d. Throphy, c. 1940 See also: Appendix B – Throphy List Scrapbook, pps 33 Fotofolio album, photo # MCC:00143-334 Subseries C. Photographs Photo binder 1 1. Loose Personal photographs, ca. 1945-55 (7 pictures: 1-7) Professional Photographs, ca. 1936-63 (9 pictures:8-16) Photographs of Father Soucy Alone, ca. 1936 (2 pictures: 17-18) See also: Photo albums Miscellaneous, ca. 1940 (4 pictures: 19-22) Photo binder 2 2. Albums 1. Golden Jubilee Scrapbook Album, 1910-80 (71 pictures: 23-92) 2. Personal Album, 1909-79, n.d. (80 pictures: 170) Photo binder 3 3. Fotofolio Album, 1924-61, n.d. (340 pictures, 2 negatives (not original): 171-509) Series II. Recordings NB.for a listing of the content of the recordings, please see the inventory provided in Appendix C: Chronological listing of sound recordings, 1939-47, n.d. when requesting a recording, please request either the cassette tape or compact disc number required. AA0274 Tape 1: Recordings 1-12 AA0275 Tape 2: Recordings 12b-24b AA0276 Tape 3: Recordings 25a-37a AA0277 Tape 4: Recordings 37b-48a AA0278 Tape 5: Recordings 48b-60a (note: recording# 57 appears after 48b) AA0279 Tape 6: Recordings 60b-71b Compact disc 1: Recordings 1a-9b; 18 tracks Compact disc 2: Recordings 10a-20b; 22 tracks Compact disc 3: Recordings 21a-29b; 18 tracks Compact disc 4: Recordings 30a-39b; 20 tracks Compact disc 5: Recordings 40a-48b; 18 tracks Compact disc 6: Recordings 49a-58b [Note:57 and 58 are reversed]; 20 tracks Real 1 Real 2 Real 3 Real 4 Real 5 Real 6 Real 7 Real 8 Box 5 Box 6 Compact disc 7: Recordings 59a-67b; 18 tracks Compact disc 6: Recordings 68a-71b 8 tracks Recordings 1-8 Recordings 9-19a Recordings 19b-27a Recordings 27b-35b Recordings 36a-44a Recordings 44b-51b Recordings 52a-60b Recordings 61a-71b Records 1 – 36 Records 37-71MCC: 96-00143 D. Wilfid Soucy Collection Appendix A SOUCY SCRAPBOOK INVENTORY, 1938-82, N.D. Compiled by D. Durkin – fall 1993 Contents: This scrapbook consists primarily of newspaper and magazine clippings and personal correspondence collected by Fr. Soucy in the 1930s and early 1940s. The majority of the material concerns various cooperative business ventures pursued in the St. John Valley during that time. Physical description: the front and back covers of the scrapbook are black. The front cover bears a recessed emblem of a lion and eagle and the word “Scrapbook” printed across the center in gold. The book is 10 1/8”Wx11 9/16”L and 3” deep, and it is fastened at the left side with two aluminum posts. The 202 pages are highly acidic, yellowed, and embrittled; some are falling apart. Processing: The original scrapbook was photocopied on a page by page basis. Most pages held more than one item. Each item was given a citation in the inventory. Occasionally a single item covered many pages of the scrapbook. The first page of the item was given a citation and subsequent pages were noted as being a continuation of the first. In some cases a multi-page item was attached to the scrapbook page in such a way that the first page obscured pages beneath. The scrapbook page was photocopied; the items were detached, photocopied in the order presented, and reattached. In the case of envelops, it appeared as though envelops had been glued or taped to the original scrapbook page. An additional pile of envelopes had been stapled to these which obscured the envelopes beneath. The pile of envelopes was removed, a photocopy was taken of the scrapbook page with the first entries, the pile of envelops was photocopied from top to bottom in the order presented, and reattached. Inventory: This inventory is a page by page description of the photocopied scrapbook. Individual items on each page were given a citation. Personal letters are identified by name of recipient; writer; and (when known) city, state and date. Clippings, whether magazine or newspaper articles, are identified by the title in quotations, a photo description(if the clipping included a photo) and (when known) publication information. Envelope fronts are identified by name of recipient, writer, and (when known) town, state and date. The inventory begins with a list of all magazine and newspaper publications that appeared in the scrapbook and their abbreviated form. The abbreviation is used in the item citation. The photocopied pages were numbered on the back to correspond with the numbering in the original scrapbook. Multiple page attachments were given an alphabetical suffix to the page number (i.e. 21, 21A, 21B, etc) Newspaper and magazine publications with corresponding abbreviation Bangor Daily News – BDN Portland Press herald – PPH The Church World – TCW Boston Sunday Post – BSP Houlton Pioneer Times – HPT Catholic Rural Life Bulletin – CRLB The Maritime Cooperator – TMC Express – E New York Times – NYT Le Devor – LD The Leader – TL American Agriculturist – AA The Register – TR L’Avenir National – LAN The Catholic Mirror – TCM The Prairie Messenger – TPM American Magazine – AM Maine Sunday Telegram – MST The Commonweal – TC L’Action Catholique – LAC Richmond Times-Dispatch – RTD St. John Valley Times –SJVT Associated Press – AP The Co-operative Builder – TCB August Tele – AT Maine Cooperative – MC The De Laval Monthly – TDLM Reader’s Digest - RD pp. 1. three clippings Inventory Description 1.“Home Handicraft Practiced in Northern Maine Communities”: BDN, March 29, 1939. 2.“Famous Parish Priest At Farm-Home Week”: BDN, March 23, 1939. 3.“Farm and Home Week Speakers”. With photo of Ralph W. Haskell and Fr. Soucy BDN: March 29, 1939 2. Three clippings 1.“Hundreds Engage in Handicraft Along St. John”: PPH, March 29,1939. 2.“Priest Helps Maine Families Earn More”, includes photo of Fr. Soucy: BP, May 11, 1939. 3.“State Will Aid Cooperative Plan”: Dec. 9 3.Seven clippings 1.“ Father Soucy Addresses Farm-House Week Audience”, includes photo of Fr. Soucy: TCW 2. “ Fr. Soucy Speaks On Cooperatives”: BDN, April 18. 3. “From Cooperative In Aroostook”: May 11 4. “Fr. Soucy Speaks To Caribou Group”: BDN, Sept, 18 5. “St. John Valley Ayershire [sic] Owners Formulate Plans”: BDN, Aug 22 6.“Sheep Experts To Give Talks , St. John Valley”: BDN, Aug 22 7.“St. John Valley Ayershire [sic] Owners Formulate Plans”: April 24 4.One clipping (special feature) 1.“No Relief or Unemployment Problems in Priest’s Town”: BSP, July 2, 1939. 5.Continuation of article from page 4, includes photo of Fr. Soucy and Mrs. Leo Ouellette with spinning wheel and garments. 6. Continuation of article from page 5, includes photo of “Mrs. Alex Ouellette and her baby” wearing crocheted outfit. [ Corrected by hand: “Mrs. Leo Ouellette”] 7.Continuation of article from page 6, includes one photo of four women knitting and crocheting and one photo of “Geraldine Ouellette spinning wool”. [Corrected by hand: “Angeline Ouellette”] 8. Two clippings 1.End of special feature article from page 6. 2.“Relief And Unemployment Unknown In Priest’s [sic] Town”, includes photo of Fr. Soucy: TCW, July 14, 1939. 9.Two clippings 1.“Plan Home-craft Cooperative” includes photo of Fr. Soucy, Ralph W. Haskell and Stephen E. Patrick: BDN, May 3, 1939 2.“Ralph W. Haskell, Craft Industries Head, Addresses Social Workers Here”: HPT, July 27, 1939. 3.“Social Welfare Conference To Be Held At Bangor”: Oct. 10 10. One clipping 1. “St. John Valley Creamery Salvation of Farmers On Both Sides Of Boundary” includes photo of Alfred Tracy, Manager of St. John Creamery: BDN, July 1, 1939. See also: Fotofolio photo album, #336 11. Four clippings 1. Continuation of article from page 10. 2. “In Promotion Of Cooperatives in the St. John Valley”, includes photo of Fr. Soucy: BDN, Oct. 12, 1939. 3. “Aroostook Takes On New Life As 1940 Decade Is Under Way” Jan. 1 4. “Women Crocheters To Get $100,000 In Back Wages” 12. One Clipping 1. “Bangor Daily News Camera Picks Out Interesting Scenes Related to the Cooperatives”, includes three photos of cooperative creamery: BDN, July 18, 1939 13. Continuation of page 12 with two photos of cooperative creamery, one photo of Fr. Soucy and captions for all photos. 14. One Clipping 1. A Great Movement Based On Cooperation In St. John Valley”: 1939. 15. Four Clippings 1. Continuation of article from page 14 2. “Brewster Praises Rev. D. W. Soucy”: BDN, Nov 22 3. “Craft Cooperative In St. John Valley Getting Under Way”, includes photo of Fr Soucy: BDN, Nov. 26 4.” Presque Isle Club Holds Hobby Show”: BDN, Jan 8 16. One clipping 1. “Days of Evangelie Live Again In Quaint And Beautiful Village of Sinclair” includes one photo of canoes on the “Througfare” and one photo of Sinclair church BDN: July 19, 1939. 17. Continuation of page 16 including one photo of three women crocheting, one photo of woman with spinning wheel and dévidoir, captions for all photos (Note – caption no. 3 typed “Elex Ouellette”, corrected by hand: “Alex Ouellette”.) 18. One clipping 1. “Thousands Join Women’s Cooperative in St. John Valley”: BDN, July 18, 1939. Includes list of “Directresses” of the St. John Valley Handicraft Cooperative. 19. One clipping (in French) 1. L’oeuvre admirable de l’abbé Wilf. Soucy: Inspire d’un article d’un article du BSP, Oct. 19, 1939. 20. One clipping

    Conditions Governing Access
    This collection is available to researchers without restriction. With the permission of the Archivist, and in accordance with existing archival photocopy policies, researchers may make one copy of the material for their personal use of research purposes. They must quote “D. Wilfrid Soucy Collection, 1909-93, n.d., MCC:96-00143, Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, University of Maine at Fort Kent” as a source if the item is used in papers or publications.
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