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    Item Description
    Existence and Location of Originals
    Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes, University of Maine at Fort Kent, Fort Kent, Maine

    Photocopy edition of a handwritten collection of French-language song texts compiled circa 1929 by Alice Breton of Lewiston ME. Also included, one page of photocopied obituaries and obituary cards.

    Creator (cre): Tourigny, Alice Breton
    Source Language
    2 items, 90 leaves
    Family Name
    Biographical and Administrative History

    Alice Tourigny (née Breton), was born in St-Giles, Québec, on September 5, 1907 and died in Lewiston, Maine on 25 April 1966. Mrs Tourigny was the creator of the document, and maternal aunt to Mr. Philip Belanger, who is the present owner of a photocopy edition. Mr. Belanger did not know the whereabouts of the original notebook. Philip Belanger, son of Philippe Henri Joseph Belanger and Eva Breton, loaned the Archives his photocopy edition for copying. Mr. Belanger, born in Auburn, Maine, went to school in Lisbon and Madawampeag, Maine. His wife is from Wallagrass and they moved to Plaisted in 1980. According to Mr. Belanger, Alice Tourigny’s father’s name was Arcadus Breton. Her family moved to Lewiston during her childhood, where her parents worked in the mills. Alice had four brothers and three sisters. Mr. Belanger remembers visiting the Breton’s household in Lewiston as a child and that his aunt and her sisters enjoyed singing around the piano, especially around the Christmas season.

    This handwritten photocopy edition of French-language song text compiled by Alice Breton of Lewiston, Maine circa 1929 was brought in to the Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes on May 14, 1992 by Mr. Philip Belanger. Mr. Belanger was born in Auburn, Maine and moved to Plaisted in 1980. Mr. Belanger appended a pagesworth of obituary notes of Mrs. Tourigny and other relatives to the collection. This collection appears to be songs written by different artist of years past.


    The material is in 1 archival folder Original order is as follows: 1 obituary note: photocopy of obituary cards of family members 1 cover sheet: "Ce livre appartient à Alice Breton, 104 Knox St, Lewiston, Maine, 1929" 86 sheets of photocopied song text

    Materials Specific Details
    This collection consists of 1 page of obituary notes, 1 cover page, 86 pages of photocopied French and English song texts, and 2 pages of song titles.
    Collection Inventory

    Song Titles
    1) "Salut Ô ma belle Patrie"
    2) "Le long du St Laurent"
    3) "Chanson du Prisonnier"
    4) "Un Canadien"
    5) "Chanson"
    6) "Un récit"
    7) "Martha"
    (no number 8 appears in the collection)
    9) "Les fiancés du nord"
    10) "Je t’aime"
    11) "Le mousse noir"
    12) "Les arceaux de Notre Dame"
    13) "Dans le bon vieux temps"
    14) "Chanson"
    15) "Chanson"
    16) "En Espagne"
    17) "Ramona"
    18) "Il fallait des Anges"
    19) "Un coin du ciel bleu"
    20) "Comme une rose"
    21) "Belle Amoureuse"
    22) "Chanson"
    23) "Sous un ciel sans nuage"
    24) "L’heure brève"
    24) (Two number "24" appears) "Chanson"
    25) "Les grands adieux"
    26) "L’amour Pardonne"
    27) "Chanson de Marier"
    28) "S’il fait pleurer sa mère"
    29) "Anatole et Amanda"
    30) "Il m’adorait"
    31) "L’Empress"
    32) "Le fiancé mourant"
    33) "Je suis orphelin"
    34) "La berceuse"
    35) "La Paloma" (la colombe/ song by Gabriel Soulacroix)
    36) "Ange de mon berceau"
    37) "Amour briser"
    38) "Parmis mes souvenirs"
    39) "Chanson"
    40) "Chanson"
    41) "Chanson"
    42) "Joyeux enfants de bohême"
    43) "Mon Soleil"
    44) "Fermes tes jolis yeux"
    45) "Pourquoi te faire aimer"
    46) "A si j’avais des diamants"
    47) "Evangeline"
    48) "Là où je t’ai connu"
    49) "Aurore petite martyre"
    50) "La Mansarde"
    51) "Tout doucement"
    52) "Maman c’est pour la France"
    57) (jumps from 52 to 57) "Dans le coeur d’une rose"
    58) "L’hirondelle"
    59) "Ma Normandie"
    60) "Regrets"
    61) "When your hair has turned to silver"
    "Chanson" (not numbered)
    "Si J’avais Su!" (not numbered)
    "From someone who cares" (not numbered)
    "S’aimer toujours" (not numbered)
    "Tell me" (not numbered)
    2 sheets: Photocopies of song titles

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